From the Desk of Chairman


Hard work and honesty is the key of success the significant aim of PCiT to provide global and deep knowledge of computer & other courses.PCiT is established in 1999.this institute is able to provide jobs & placement of their students in various sectors.

I strongly emphasize that every individual should get an opportunity for education & adequate training to explore their potential so that they can contribute in the social development by utilizing their intellectual skills in a best possible manner. The collaborative industry based education system of pcit enable student interacts with industry as a part of academic curriculam.This is an interface between education and industry. the student undergoing this modal of education get an edge when they will first interact with the industry.

I wish you success in career and wonderful experience of this collaborative Industry based education.

Shikha prapt karna pratek pradimatra ka mul adhikar hai
Shikha avam gyan ka vistar bhotik sansdhano par nirbhar nahi hai.